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Pesticide residues in animal feeding stuff

Plant protection products may be ingested or absorbed by livestock in three ways:
- following direct application of the product to the animal
- through residues in feeding stuff
- as a result of treatment of their accommodation.

The usual source of residues is through the legitimate use of pesticides (herbicides, insecticides and fungicides) in the production of crops used in preparation of feeds. The need for information relevant to the conduct of risk profiles or for management of residues will always remain.

Published data on feed are very scattered and not easy to find. The results are not necessarily published and a compilation of feed monitoring data is still in the early stages. The following section contains pesticide residues in animal feed from three different countries, the USA, Denmark, and the Netherlands. The USA and the Netherlands have collected feed samples from crop/products which include feed rations for a most types of livestock. The data from Denmark consist of cereal samples for feed uses.

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Introduction to cereals and feeding stuff


Consumption of cereals in the EU-member states

Pesticides authorised for use in cereals

Pesticides authorised for use on rice

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Intake of pesticides from cereals

Feeding Stuff

Consumption of feeding stuff in EU

Composition of feed

Pesticides authorised for use in feeding stuff

Pesticides residues in animal feeding stuff

MRLs and toxicological data

Feasibility to include the pesticide in multiresidue methods


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