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Pesticides in cereals and feeding stuff


One of the most important tasks of the EU Reference Laboratory (EURL) for Pesticides in Cereals and Feeding stuff (EURL-CF) is to give advice to the Commission on prioritisation of the work on method development. To enable this prioritisation, various information has been collected and evaluated. The information concerns the following subjects within the Member States (MS):

- Production
- Consumption
- Pesticides authorised for use in cereal production
- MRLs for pesticide in cereal and toxicological data on the authorised pesticides, e.g. ADI and ARfD
- Intake of pesticides from cereals
- Feasibility to include the pesticide in multi residue methods

The first version of this document was prepared in 2007. The present version is the fifth version.

The analysis of undesirable contaminants in various food and feed samples is nowadays a problem of primary concern for quality control laboratories due to human and animal health risks associated with the accumulation of these substances. Contaminants in animal feeding stuff can cause harmful health effects in the animals and may be harmful to humans through secondary exposure of consumers to contaminants deriving from these animals. In the European Union (EU), feeding stuffs are subject to legislation covering their composition, manufacture, storage, transport and usage (1) . Because of the above, the third version of this document was extended with a chapter on feeding stuff including sections on consumption of feeding stuff and imports of feeding stuff as preparation for a future monitoring programme on feeding stuff.

Monitoring and control of pesticide residues in feeding stuff is still in the early stages. However, some data is available in the literature and some of these were included in the fourth version of this document.

In this fifth version we have included more information on rice. Information on authorised uses in Italy, France and India is presented and also some data on which pesticides are actually found in rice. Information on authorised uses and frequently found pesticides in pesticide control has been used by the EURL to select pesticides for method validation by the QuECheRS method for cereals (incl. rice) in 2010.

Find more information in the menu below:

Introduction to cereals and feeding stuff


Consumption of cereals in the EU-member states

Pesticides authorised for use in cereals

Pesticides authorised for use on rice

Pesticides often found in cereals in the EU coordinated programme

Intake of pesticides from cereals

Feeding Stuff

Consumption of feeding stuff in EU

Composition of feed

Pesticides authorised for use in feeding stuff

Pesticides residues in animal feeding stuff

MRLs and toxicological data

Feasibility to include the pesticide in multiresidue methods


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Published 12-01-2009, 13:06:28


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