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EUPT General Protocol

The EUPT-General Protocol contains the general procedures and rules valid for all proficiency tests organized by the 4 EURLs for pesticide residues. It was drafted by the EUPT-Scientific Committee (EUPT-SC), which consists of EURL-representatives and renowned experts from various laboratories within the EU-OfL-Network.

The EUPT-General Protocol is periodically updated. The latest version you will find in this website:

EUPT - General Protocol, Edition 1 (valid for EUPTs organized in 2009 and 2010)

EUPT - General Protocol, Edition 2 (valid for EUPTs organized in 2011)

EUPT - General Protocol, Edition 3 (valid for EUPTs organized in 2012 and 2013)

EUPT - General Protocol, Edition 4 (valid for EUPTs organized in 2014, last update: 10 Jan, 2014)

EUPT - General Protocol, Edition 5 (valid for EUPTs organized in 2015, last update: 5 March, 2015)

EUPT - General Protocol, Edition 6 (valid for EUPTs organized in 2016, last update: 8 February, 2016)

EUPT - General Protocol, Edition 7 (valid for EUPTs organized in 2017, last update: 27 January, 2017)



 EUPT - General Protocol, Edition 8 (valid for EUPTs organized in 2018, last update: 23 January, 2018)


For more information about EUPTs go to here: General Information to EUPTs



Published 06-01-2012, 13:28:11

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