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EUPT-CF13 Website

  EUPT-CF13 - Announcement/Invitation Letter (Released on 29.10.2018)

- EUPT-CF13 - Calendar (last update: 14.01.2019)

- EUPT-CF13 - Target Pesticide List (last update: 11.01.2019 only editorial changes)

- EUPT-CF13 - Registration website is open from (closed)
  To register, please go to: www.eupt-registration.eu 
   Before filling the registration-form, read carefully the specific instructions:
Official EU pesticide-labs that are considered as obliged to participate in EUPT-CF12 should fill the registration-form according to the instructions given HERE.
   (b) Pesticide-labs that intend to participate in EUPT-CF12 on a voluntary basis 
should fill the registration-form according to the instructions given HERE.

- EUPT-CF13 - Specific Protocol

- EUPT-CF13- Selection of scope (Website open from 21.01.2019-28.01.2019)

- EUPT-CF13 - Results Submission (Website open from 29.01.2019-25.02.2019 at 24.00 CEST)

- EUPT-CF13 - Submitting additional method information (Deadline 1.03.2019)

- EUPT-CF13 - Preliminary Report (26.04.2019)

- EUPT-CF13 - Final Report (available December 2019) 


Additional Links:
- EUPT - Find the latest version of the 
General Protocol 

- EUPT - Guide for Result Submission webpage (to be published later


Published 29-10-2018, 13:48:34

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