Team Member Data Sheet

Photo of Ms. Lachnit Sonja.

Salutation: Ms.

Surname: Lachnit 

Name: Sonja 

Nationality: German 

Profession: biotechnological technical assistant 

physical technical assistant education at Kerschensteiner Schule in Stuttgart (Germany),
biotechnological technical assistant education at Staatsschule für Gartenbau und Landwirtschaft Hohenheim (Germany) 

Professional experience:
2011 - 2017: biotechnological assistant at a laboratory for food analytics (biotask AG)
2017 - present: technical assistant at the Pesticide Residue Laboratory of CVUA Stuttgart. 

Tasks in our lab:
Sample preparation (extraction and clean up) with QuEChERS and QuPPe,
data acquisition in LIMS,
purchases of chemicals and materials for Pesticide Residues Laboratory 

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