Team Member Data Sheet

Photo of Dr. Florian Hägele.

Salutation: Dr.

Surname: Hägele 

Name: Florian 

Nationality: German 

Profession: food chemist 

Gymnasium in Stuttgart (Germany),
study of food chemistry (University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart),
diploma in food chemistry (University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart),
PhD in food technology (University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart)
Practical Year and State Examination for Food Chemists at CVUA Stuttgart. 

Professional experience:
2018 - present: scientific expert at the Pesticide Residue Laboratory of CVUA Stuttgart. 

Tasks in our lab:
responsibility for LC-QToF and LC-MS/MS,
judicial and toxicological evaluation of analytical results,
judicial evaluation of mislabeling and misleading descriptions (i.e. organically grown food),
organization and coordination of sampling 

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