Team Member Data Sheet

Photo of Dr. Diana Kolberg.

Salutation: Dr.

Surname: Kolberg 

Name: Diana 

Nationality: Brasilian 

Profession: chemist 

Gymnasium in Estrela (Brazil),
study of industrial chemistry (University of Santa Cruz do Sul-Brazil),
master of analytical chemistry (Federal University of Santa Maria - Brazil),
PhD thesis at the Federal University of Santa Maria (Supervisor Dr. r. Zanella) “Development and validation of a multiresidue method using GC-MS(NCI) for pesticide determination in grains of wheat and its processed products”,
one year exchange at the University of Hohenheim (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. W. Schwack). 

Professional experience:
2002 - 2004: teacher at the Federal University of Santa Maria - Brazil,
2004 - 2005: teacher at the University of Santa Cruz do Sul-Brazil,
2008 - 2014: scientific expert at the Pesticides Residue Laboratory of CVUA Stuttgart
2014 - present: scientific expert at the Institute of Technology of Pernambuco (Recife, Brazil). 

Tasks in our lab:
responsibility for LC-MS/MS,
method development for polar pesticides
training courses for visitors. 

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