Team Member Data Sheet

Photo of Dr. Michelangelo Anastassiades.

Salutation: Dr.

Surname: Anastassiades 

Name: Michelangelo 

Nationality: German, Cypriot 

Profession: food chemist 

Gymnasium in Nicosia (Cyprus),
Lyceum in Nicosia (Cyprus),
study of food chemistry (University of Stuttgart),
Practical Year and State Examination for Food Chemists at the CVUA,
PhD thesis at the University of Stuttgart (Supervisor Prof. Dr. W. Schwack) “Development of Fast Methods for the Analysis of Pesticides Residues in Food Employing Supercritical Fluid Extraction - a Constribution for the Reduction of Analytical Deficits in Pesticide Residue Analysis”. 

Professional experience:
1995 - 2000: food chemist at the Pesticide Residue Laboratory of CVUA Stuttgart; conduction of two research projects dealing with the use of supercritical fluid extraction for the analysis of pesticide residues in food,
2000 - 2002: visiting scientists at the USDA in Wyndmoor Pennsylvania, USA and research on various topics including the development of a fast and easy mutliresidue method for the analysis of pesticide residues in food,
2003 - 2006: scientific expert at the Pesticides Residue Laboratory of CVUA Stuttgart,
2006 - present: Head of EURL-SRM Laboratory at CVUA Stuttgart. 

Participation in (inter)national bodies:
Meditarranean Group of Pesticide Research (MGPR),
German Food Chemistry Sciciety within the German Chemical Scociety (GDCh) Pesticide Working Group,
Bund-Länder Working Group Pesticides (BLAPS),
EUPT-Advisory Group,
Scientific Committee for EU Analytical Quality Control on Pesticide Residues (SANTE Document). 

Tasks in our lab:
Head of EURL-SRM Laboratory,
Technical Assistance to DG-SANTE and EFSA,
Supervision of research projects for pesticide residue analysis,
Co-administration of Pesticides-Online internet platform,
Management of international contacts and activities,
Conduction of training courses for visitors. 

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