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EURL-FV (2022-T4). Spinosad quantitation strategies.

Dear colleagues,

EURL-FV provides a series of formative tutorials related to the difficulties, new MRM approaches, etc.... that can be found in the routine work in the laboratory.

We would like to invite you to attend to our Tutorial:

EURL-FV (2022-T4). Spinosad quantitation strategies.

The objective of this tutorial is to learn how to quantify spinosad in a correct way, avoiding typical mistakes made when quantifying with technical mixtures.

Here you can find the video (8 min. 58 sec.) CLICK HERE 

Here you can find the pdf file CLICK HERE

If you wish to obtain a certificate of the trainings received in these tutorials, you should register and also fill in correctly a small assessment questionnaire of the content of the tutorial (if you answers are not correct you can fill in the assessment again). In this link you can find it:

Assessment Questionnaire

We hope you enjoy these tutorials and find them useful.


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