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EURL AO Training 2021



An EURL-AO online-training course on determination of GC-amenable pesticides was organised for representatives of NRLs of the EURL-AO network.


All documents and presentations regarding the training are available at CIRCA BC.


Date: 07. December 2021 at 09:00 - 13:00 (CET, UTC+1)

Platform: https://www.gotomeeting.com/



The focus of the training was on 


Further topics were covered:


Participants were asked to give information on their currently used extraction and clean-up methods for GC-amenable pesticides during registration. Given the situation of an online training the participants were asked  to send their examples/problems to eurl-pesticides@cvuafr.bwl.de. The program was adapted according to the interests/feedback of participants.


Registration was be possible till 26 November 2021.


Participants received the link for the GoToMeeting webinar and a detailed time schedule after the registration deadline.

The number of participants for the training course was limited to one per participating EU member state. Pending on the number of registrations, EURL-AO reserved the right to limit the overall number of participants.


If you have any questions please contact eurl-pesticides@cvuafr.bwl.de.



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