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Screening method for pesticide residues in eggs using GC-Orbitrap

For screening a high number of pesticides high resolution accurate mass instruments, like GC coupled with Orbitrap, can be used to check for MRL compliance. Especially with increasing demand on pesticide residue laboratories to in-crease their scope, high resolution accurate mass systems measuring in full scan mode found increasing popularity in this area.

This report describes the screening validation of the Q-EMR method combined with GC-Orbitrap (Q-Exactive) analysis. The method was validated for 191 compounds in egg at 5 different Screening Detection Limits (SDL) 0,001 mg/kg, 0,002 mg/kg, 0,005 mg/kg, 0,01 mg/kg, 0,02 mg/kg.


Link to EURL AO Validation report GCHRMS screening egg

Link to List of Analytical Methods and Poster presentations


Published 12-06-2019, 17:03:49

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