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EUPT-SRM9 Website


- EUPT-SRM9 - Announcement/Invitation Letter

- EUPT-SRM9 - Calendar (last update: 24 April, 2014)

- EUPT-SRM9 - Target Pesticide List (last update: 1 April, 2014)

- EUPT-SRM9 - Specific Protocol (last update: 24 April, 2014)

- EUPT-SRM9 - Registration (accessible from 25 Feb., till 12 March, 2014) 

- EUPT-SRM9 - Data Submission Website

- EUPT-SRM9 - Preliminary Report (realsed on 16 June, 2014)

- EUPT-SRM9 - Final Report (realsed on 25 May, 2015)
- EUPT-SRM9 - Supplementary Information on Analytical methods (realsed on 25 May, 2015)

Additional Links:


If you have any questions or should anything remain unclear, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time: EUPT-SRM Team.


Please note that all documents mentioned above may be subject to minor changes with new versions being uploaded in the CIRCA platform and linked to the EUPT-SRM7-Website. Participants should periodically check the website for possible updates. In case of major changes, participants will be informed by e-mail.

If you don't have access to the CIRCA-website, please use this link to sign-up: CIRCA (FIS-VL) Login 

last update: 24.01.2014


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