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Brief report of the 1st Training Workshop

1st CRL/NRL Pesticide Residue Training Workshop
6th - 7th December, 2006 — Stuttgart, Germany



According to Article 32 of the EU-Regulation 882/2004 the Community Reference Laboratories (CRLs) are responsible, among other tasks, for the organisation of workshops and training of laboratories in the Members States.

These workshops should, among others, contribute in fostering the creation of a strong network between the various National Reference Laboratories (NRLs) and the CRLs. Participants of the training workshops should be able to disseminate the information and knowledge gained to colleagues working in other official monitoring and surveillance laboratories in their countries.

The Workshop was jointly organized by the CRLs for Pesticide Residue Analysis

and took place on the 6th and 7th of December 2006 at the facilities of the CRL for Single Residue Methods near Stuttgart/Germany.



Scientists of the related National Reference Laboratories in the 25 EU Member States and the candidate states Romania and Bulgaria as well as experts from Norway, Iceland and Luxembourg which contribute to the annual EU-monitoring programs were invited to participate in the workshop in Stuttgart.

53 experts of NRLs representing 24 EU Member States (Malta was missing and Luxembourg was represented by Belgium) as well as one expert from each Norway and Bulgaria participated in the workshop. Upon request and following consultation with the commission, a member of the EU-Institute of Reference Materials and Measurements in Geel/Belgium was also allowed to participate at the workshop.


Figure 1: Group photo of the 1st joint CRL/NRL Workshop participants (not complete)

Figure 1: Group photo of the 1st joint CRL/NRL Workshop participants (not complete).



Main aims of this workshop were:

In addition, the participants were shown the preliminary results of a comprehensive Survey performed among all official laboratories within the EU in order to estimate the situation in their countries in comparison with the rest of the EU-Member States.


Published 24-01-2007, 20:49:54

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