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Analysis of Captan/THPI and of Folpet/PI via QuEChERS and LC-MS/MS

Various possibilities for the LC-MS/MS analysis of captan/THPI and folpet/Phthalimide were studied employing APCI and ESI interfaces. LC-MS/MS analysis circumvents problems related to GC-analysis but further efforts to improve sensitivity are required.

The active hydrolysis of captan and folpet to their respective degradants (THPI and PI), was also studied aiming to reduce the number of analytes to be measured. Unfortunately, conversion yields were often not satisfacory and further studies are needed.


Link to the Analytical Observations Report: Analysis of Captan, Folpet and their respective metabolites Phthalimide and Tetrahydrophthalimide via LC-MS/MS either directly or following hydrolysis

Link to List of EURL-SRM Observation Reports.


Published 02-07-2019, 06:38:05

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