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Advance Information: Common matrix for EUPT-AO14 and EUPT-SRM14 - BOVINE LIVER


It is herewith announced that, following an urgent request by the COM, the commodity for the EUPTs AO14 and SRM14 will be in both cases BOVINE LIVER (not plant oil and cabbage as previously communicated).

The two PTs will take place simultaneously, with March 18 being the planned shipment date. Whether one single or two separate Test Items will be distributed, needs to be decided taking into consideration the results of preliminary tests and other practical aspects.  
The Calendar, the Target Pesticides List and the Official PT Announcement are planned to be distributed not later than December 18 (3 months prior to shipment).

The Target Pesticides List of the EUPT-AO14 will mainly entail the mandatory compounds of the EUPT-AO13.

The EUPT-SRM14 Target Pesticides List will mainly contain compounds listed in the MACP-Regulation or the SANTE-Working Document on monitoring.

An update of the QuPPe-AO method, including a procedure for liver, is in preparation and will be distributed shortly. MRM methods will be also distributed, by the EURL AO.

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Published 16-11-2018, 14:23:42

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